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We are happy to make our many years of experience in research, project management, human resources and leadership available to you. We provide support in idea generation, strategy development, change processes andresource bottlenecks. We make use of our many years of practical experience in public transport, energy, ICT and experimental physics.

Together with you, we determine your requirements. We develop and accompany their implementation so that you can efficiently achieve the desired results.Some of our projects from the recent past:


  • Strategy development and preparation of the implementation concept, establishing an international educational institution in the field of product training (HW/SW solutions for public transport)
  • Development of training tools in the English language for traffic planners and driving service employees for a provider of HW/SW solutions for public transport

Finance & Insurance

  • Strategy development for a technical payment service provider
  • Support of a Payment Service Provider in the implementation of the Payment Services Directive PSD2 (purchase of physical goods and billing via the telephone bill)
  • Idea development, conception and implementation of an e-learning module for the invitation to a symposium on cyber security and customer acquisition. Appearance as co-lecturer at the symposium


  • Conducting an analysis for the Swiss market entry of an educational institution in the healthcare sector

Human Resources

  • Development of a concept for a Swiss personnel service provider for the recruitment of foreign nursing staff
  • Creation of a competency model and a systematic «Recording and comparison of requirements / competencies» for needs-based continuing education and for ensuring / proving the transfer of knowledge into everyday working life


  • Preparation of a requirement specification for a regional transport company- «replacement of server infrastructure»
  • Support of a German railway company in the development of an (educational) concept for the acquisition of electrical planners (control and steering technologies) and their ability to take over complex projects