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Research & Development

We will support you efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. We want to stay vigilant throughout the process. This is why we invest in research and development. Here are a few examples of our commitment.

citelligent – Solutions for tomorrow’s city

The topic of Smart City is on everyone’s lips and its significance is not always clear. Boyd Cohen has proposed the «Smart City Wheel». This definition has been developed by Smart City Hub into the «Human-Centered Smart City Wheel». We are guided by this further development.

Das Human-Centered Smart City Wheel, welches eine Weiterentwicklung des Smart City Wheels von Boyd Cohen ist.
«Human-Centered Smart City Wheel» of the Smart City Hubs, published under the Creative Commons Lizenz.

With an explicitly application-oriented approach, we will develop projects together with representatives from research, industry and the public sector within the framework of «citelligent 2020». These can be implemented here and now. The findings we gain from these projects are then incorporated into our consulting and project management strategy, which we can use to support you in the right way at the right time.

Details on this project can be found at

Specialist knowledge for professionals: Specialist courses

For a provider of HW/SW solutions for public transport, we have developed a methodology for training specialists in their systems.

The requirement was to use new technologies as economically as possible making educational content accessible to the target audience at all times and in line with their needs.

Übersicht der Fachkurse, Module und Fachkurse
Overview of the relationships between roles, use cases, systems and the modules from which the specialist courses are composed.

Starting from typical use cases, the roles that the skilled workers assume and the systems within which they work, the training contents are divided into small units («modules»). These modules can then be used to easily assemble training courses tailored to specific needs:

Erstellung der Module für die Fachkurse.
Creation of the modules from which the specialist courses are composed.
Erstellung der Fachkurse aus den Modulen.
Preparation of the specialist courses from the modules.

Use case training

During training, a specific application case is taught for all roles and systems involved. This ensures that all specialists master the application case and function as a team.

Role training

In the role training a specialist is instructed on all relevant application cases and on the systems involved. This type of instruction is suitable for training specialists to become professional employees.

System training

The training ensures that all specialists who work with a certain system are instructed for all relevant applications. In this way, the potential of the systems used can be optimally exploited.

Specialist knowledge for laypersons: General mobility courses

The need was to make complex expert knowledge accessible to a broad public, while taking into account the different previous knowledge and individual interests.

The courses are suitable both for people who are new to the world of transportation and for those who currently work in the world of transit and would like to deepen their knowledge. These E Learning courses are based on a methodology and didactics developed by us and are divided into the following sections:

The four levels of the General Mobility Courses.
The four levels of the General Mobility Courses.

On the basis of an everyday story, the world of experience, the participant is confronted with the most diverse aspects of mass transit. Questions that arise are answered within the expert world by graphics and animations. In-depth valuable terminology and tasks complete the course in an interactive way.