CITELLIGENT – Solutions for Tomorrow’s city

savisio has launched CITELLIGENT, which focuses on a symposium and is framed by a preparatory and a follow-up phase (see figure 1). In the preparation phase, working groups develop directly and indirectly feasible technological solutions (T) for existing or foreseeable problems of municipalities or cities. The working groups also use solutions and technologies that already exist or are in the process of being implemented. At the symposia, the results of the respective preparation phases are presented and the solutions will be made available to the audience of the symposia in theme workshops. In the post-processing phase, the solutions are refined on the basis of the findings from the symposium and prepared for implementation projects.

Figure 1: savisio determines together with a city which problems are to be solved, which technologies are available and which projects are in realisation. savisio arranges suitable partners from industry and research and forms project teams and working groups in order to develop solutions. The working groups WG (T) and project teams develop solutions and present them at the symposia.

The symposia are held annually in Lenzburg, the first symposia will take place on 28 May 2020.

Symposium Lenzburg 28th May 2020

Over the course of the first three symposia, the effects on people in the world of work (M) and on organisations (O) will be examined on the basis of predefined questions (see figure 2), based on the respective technological solutions (T). The motivation of this MTO approach is to gain insights and to develop and derive solutions from those insights, allowing people and organizations to shape and prepare for change processes. A further goal of the working group is to reduce stresses connected with changes such as job losses, psychological loads as well as illnesses.

Figure 2: The first three symposia 2020 – 2022 are accompanied by the working groups Man (M) and Organisation (O).