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savisio AG

We are happy to make our many years of experience in research, project management, human resources and leadership available to you for meaningful activities.

We offer support in idea generation and change processes, strategy development, complex project tasks as well as resource bottlenecks. We draw from our many years of practical experience in public transport, energy, ICT and experimental physics.

«citelligent – Solutions for tomorrow’s city» is a series of lectures focusing on the development of directly usable solutions for current problems of communities and cities. citelligent 2023 will take place 25. May 2023 in the castle of Lenzburg.

For the 2021 edition experts from science and industry have been working on Lenzburg’s problems in the fields of payment systems, energy / environment, healthcare and social policy, developing generic, scalable solutions. These solutions have been presented at the citelligent 2021 on 16. September 2021 in the castle of Lenzburg.